Your generosity supports people with disabilities. image

Your generosity supports people with disabilities.

Together we will invent possibilities and create meaningful lives.

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You Make A Difference When You Give

The COVID-19 crisis has presented new obstacles for all of us and changed how we connect in our communities. The impact that this has had on our organization and the families we serve has been tremendous.

The Village Learning Center, Inc. has successfully spent the last twenty years, creating an accessible community-based organization that provides meaningful lives to people with developmental disabilities.

Our primary aim has always been to keep people with disabilities active and engaged in the community through day programs, vocational programs, and local residential services. COVID-19 has assembled a host of new challenges to overcome to continue to serve people with disabilities in our area.

We need your financial support more than ever to cover the increased costs associated with the new set of circumstances generated by the Coronavirus. We must obtain additional personal protective equipment, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and staff to support our clients as we prepare to social-distance in our workrooms.

With your help and generosity, we will continue to endeavor together to find ways to reconnect safely and invent new possibilities for The Village Learning Center, Inc..